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US Interstate 40

Approaching from the EAST, exit I-40 at exit 200 for Prague and Seminole. Go north on Highway 99 approximately seven (7) miles to Prague. From the main intersection in Prague (the only traffic signal), turn left (west) on Route 62. Mark your odometer. Go 8.8 miles to the accident site, on the right.


Approaching from the WEST (Oklahoma City), travel 50 miles east on I-40 to exit 186 for Shawnee and Meeker. Go north about seven (7) miles on Highway 18 to Meeker (a four-way stop sign). Turn right on Route 62 and travel east 3 miles to the accident site, on the left.


Map of Accident site

GPS coordinates: N 35*30'24" / W 096* 50' 15"

The accident site is 8.8 miles west on hwy 62 from the center of Prague where 62 crosses with 99. It is 3.3 miles east from meeker.


The Hospital

The Prague Municipal Hospital is located at Klabzuba Ave. and 14th Street in Prague. Go north on Hwy 99/377 from the main intersection, then turn right on 14th Street.


The Museum

The Museum, with a small exhibit on Meher Baba, is located one half block north of the main intersection on the east side.


Another place of pilgrimage in Prague is the “Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague”, which is located a few blocks south of the main intersection on the east side of Hwy 99/377.


If you are planning a visit to the accident site, please remember that the land and houses on either side of the road belong to private individuals. Please have the utmost consideration for the residents and do not disturb them or trespass. Such respect is a principle of Baba's way of love. So, visit briefly and tread lightly, staying in public areas only.

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