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Prague, Oklahoma (60 miles east of Oklahoma City)


1319 Barta Ave.
Prague OK 74864
(14th Street and Barta Ave, just behind the Prague Community Hospital)



Day-visitors can "drop in" and visit the Burleson House as they are passing through to receive information on Baba and the 1952 accident and to partake of this oasis in the Heartland. Overnight retreat visitors with definite interest in Meher Baba are also welcome. There are two guest bedrooms that are not handicapped accessible. Reservations taken for up to two weeks.




Visitors are responsible for their own transportation. There is no regular airport pickup service. Affordable rental cars are available at the airport. Day visitors and retreat guests are encouraged to call the caretaker at the Heartland Center to discuss your plans and receive directions.
(Click on "Visit the Accident Site" for more information)

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