One of the most important aspects of Meher Baba’s work through the years was his contact and work with thousands of spiritually advanced, “God-intoxicated” individuals known in India as masts. For the mandali who traveled with him, it was a constant confirmation of Meher Baba’s divinity that the masts often recognized him as God.

Meher Baba’s last years were primarily spent in seclusion in Meherazad as he gradually withdrew from physical contact and expanded his work “within the heart of his lovers around the world.” He has said that he is the “Ancient One,” the Avatar of the Age, and that he has come, “not to give, but to take away,” the bindings of humankind’s “conditioned mind,” and to help humanity realize its true Self, which is God.

Before Meher Baba dropped his physical body on January 31, 1969, he explained that this was not the end, but the beginning of the major part of his work.

Baba & Mast

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