meher baba's life and work
Merwan Sheriar Irani, who became known around the world as Meher Baba, was born to Persian parents of Zoroastrian faith on February 25, 1894, in Poona, India. Before Merwan’s birth, his father Sheriar had wandered throughout the East, especially India, seeking God, until he was told in a vision that he would finally find God in his son. What a surprise this was to a man who had never expected to marry.

Merwan Irani had a normal and active childhood. He attended a Jesuit Catholic high school in Poona, then later attended Deccan College. While he was in college he was drawn to Hazrat Babajan, an ancient Mohammedan woman, one of the five Perfect Masters whose responsibility it is to precipitate the descent of God into human form at the beginning of each Avataric Age. At the destined moment in 1913 she gave him God-realization and awakened him to his divine purpose as the Avatar of the Age.

While his mother worried about his completing college and getting a job, Merwan remained absorbed in God-consciousness, and was drawn to the other four Perfect Masters, who helped him to regain “normal” consciousness while remaining one with God.

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