Bhau Kalchuri, Chairman of Avatar Meher Baba Trust, wrote the following concerning the Burleson House:

“You are definitely right that acquiring this house is a great opportunity that rarely comes along, to have a structure that is actually historically connected with Baba's visit to America in 1952. This will be remembered all the time and the lovers of God will be happy to visit this site where the Beloved shed His blood in 1952 for the benefit of His lovers. The people all over the world will visit this site and they will feel touched with the compassion of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba. They will realize how the Beloved suffers for the humanity when His Universal Manifestation takes place. This time His Universal Manifestation will be the greatest and this is the end of the cycle of cycles and He has traveled all over the world many times and He has done the great mast work throughout His life and also leper work, poor work, and help to the helpless in His own way. And this work He has done in order to Manifest Universally and the world will recognize Him this time. Not just any part of the world, but the whole world!”

Take a tour of the Burleson House from 2005 in Power Point. Many new renovations have occured since then. All are welcome to visit and see!
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