On May 24, 1952, Avatar Meher Baba was injured in an automobile accident just outside of Prague, Oklahoma, in which He shed His blood on American soil for the benefit of humankind. Fifty years later, the Avatar Meher Baba Heartland Center (AMBHC) was formed as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization with the intention of creating a center in the Heartland of America to commemorate this monumental event. This Center serves to nurture the awareness of the teachings of Avatar Meher Baba by maintaining a place for retreat, prayer, pilgrimage and study of his unifying message of divine love by giving full recognition to the following statement:
“I have come to sow the seed of Love in your hearts so that, in spite of all superficial diversity which your life in illusion must experience and endure, the feeling of Oneness, through Love, is brought about amongst all nations, creeds, sects, and castes of the world.”

Meher Baba

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