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Wow, God’s Canvas in Prague!

Taken from the upper bedroom of the Burleson House this morning! Jai Baba!

Article to go in the Prague Times

Remembering May 24,1952On Saturday, May 19th, 185 people from all over the United States and abroad visited Prague to commemorate Avatar Meher Baba’s time here 60 years ago. “Prague Day” was part of a three day retreat held at St. Crispin’s Conference Center that included talks by speakers, devotional singing, time for reflection and prayer,…

Multiple Earthquakes Hit Prague Square On

Nov 5, I awoke in the early morning, that indistinct time between night and dawn. I lay listening and feeling the stillness. Prague is unusually quiet for a small town. I tossed restlessly hoping to go back to sleep when I heard a low rumble to the north. I started to think about whether it meant a storm…

Home is where the Heart is!

I have attached a picture of the little flower garden out the back door.  Without much rain and with high heat every day I consider these flowers really special.  They continue to pour out blossoms and magnificent color every day.   I thought it might be nice to share some of the goings on here.  We have had a lot…