As the One who is eternally sought, Avatar Meher Baba has assured all, “Don't lose heart for I am in your heart. Don't worry, call on Me and I will help you.” Those who accept this invitation soon find themselves drenched in His unconditional love. For, as Baba declares:

I am the Divine Beloved who loves you more than you can ever love yourself.

I am the Ocean of Love. I have only love to give and all I want is Love.

Meher Baba's silence remained unbroken except in the hearts of those responsive to His inner call when He laid aside His physical body at Meherazad on January 31, 1969. The place where Meher Baba's body is entombed on Meherabad Hill, near Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India has become a focal point for those who want to love and follow Him. It is especially possible here to meet the Avatar on a personal level and establish or reconfirm an intimate relationship with Him which will help clarify the guidance He eternally gives as the Ancient One. It is also possible to do this in your own heart, wherever you may be in the world, for as Avatar Meher Baba has explained:


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