So, the only message I could give, and have ever been giving is – Love Me . . . and you will find that your own Self is nothing but God."

Once Avatar Meher Baba was asked, "What is the most difficult thing in spiritual life?" With a disarming smile, He responded, “To be perfectly human.”Characteristically, this simple and spontaneous reply is also very profound. Perhaps it holds the key to understanding the life of the Avatar Himself. For the Avatar, the God-Man, the Christ, while completely God, is also perfectly human. His perfectly human side, which included a great sense of humor, however, often puzzles those who have preconceived ideas of spirituality and the spiritual life.

Another time, referring to the Avatar's life, Baba described it as a Life of God in essence and that of a man in actions.”The "essence" of Meher Baba's life was His inner work of awakening humanity, in silence, to God's love and giving everything in Creation a spiritual push towards God. His "actions" included not only His service to the poor, the sick and the afflicted, but also His love of music and games of all types, His enjoyment of jokes, skits, outings and humorous movies.

Meher Baba, as the Avatar, descends to the level of each individual and has a unique relationship with every one. To seekers He is the Goal; to some He is the Divine Mother; to some the Father, while to others He is the Friend, the Companion; and to His lovers He is the Eternal Beloved. But invariably, He uses the language of the individual's heart to call each one to Him.


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