On February 10, 1954, during His visit to the district of Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh, Meher Baba in a momentous moment spelt on His alphabet board, "Avatar Meher Baba Ki" and raised His right hand as the crowd around Him enthusiastically joined in the "Jai!" From that time, Baba began to unequivocally assert at all times, publicly and privately, that He is God in human form – the Avatar of the Age.

During Meher Baba's second glorious tour of Andhra, the last place He visited was Kakinada. During one of the house visits, the host requested Baba to give a message. Baba spontaneously dictated from His board:

"It is possible through love, for man to become God. And when God becomes man, it is due to His love for His beings.

If people were to ask Me, ‘Have you seen God?' I would reply, 'What else is there to see?' If they were to ask Me, ‘Are you God’ I would reply, ‘What else could I be?’. If they were to ask Me, ‘Are you the Avatar?’ I would say, 'Why else have I taken this human form?'


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