As for Himself, Baba stated, “I belong to no religion. Every religion belongs to Me. My personal religion is my being the Ancient, Infinite one, and the religion I impart to all is love for God, which is the Truth of all religions.”

Avatar Meher Baba's biography, in one sense, may be divided into three main phases. The "Old Life" of perfect Divinity that placed Him on the altar of absolute Godhood and divine Perfection. It seemingly concluded on 15th October 1949. The next day ushered in Meher Baba's "New Life" of perfect humility, when the Avatar became an "ordinary man" amongst men, traveling all over India with only a few companions, living the life of total reliance on God. This phase ended in February 1952 and gave way to the "Life" phase.

This "Life" represented the perfect blending of Godhood and manhood into each other. In Baba's words, "This union of the old and new life states has given birth to LIFE: life that is eternally old and new.” But in every phase, the central message of Baba's life can be summed up in the words He greeted some Westerners with when they came to see Him,

Inscribe these words upon your heart: Nothing is real but God. Nothing matters but love for God.”



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