Meher Baba also made thirteen visits to the West. In fact He twice completely circled the globe in His travels. In the '50s He met with two serious automobile accidents: one in May 1952 in America near Prague, Oklahoma, and the other near Satara in India in December 1956. He suffered excruciating physical pain and it was difficult for Him to walk after the second accident. His intense suffering and helplessness were to help us in our pain and suffering.

Meher Baba established two Centers in the West. In 1952 He visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S.A. where He stayed at the Meher Spiritual Center, which He called His "home" in the West. During His visit to Australia in 1958, He stayed at a place on Kiel Mountain in Queens-land which He named "Avatar’s Abode." These two centers continue to welcome pilgrims from around the world who come to remember Him and are awakened more and more in His love.

Although Meher Baba observed silence, through the medium of an alphabet board (which He discarded in October 1954) and through lively hand gestures, He dictated several books and many messages concerning one's journey to God, God's Advent as Man and His eternal relationship with humanity. The main books authored by Baba are God Speaks and the Discourses. The latter includes enlightening statements on meditation, reincarnation, occultism, maya, the formation and removal of the ego and sanskaras, etc. Baba, however, always put more emphasis on loving God than understanding metaphysics. As He explained once to a university professor, philosophy is only “a simple thing made difficult.”

Meher Baba never asked His followers to leave their respective religions. All religions are revelations of God,” He explained, but He asked them to follow the innermost core of the religion.


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