In spite of His silence, Meher Baba continued to serve the needs of humanity on material as well as spiritual levels. However, some were bewildered by Baba's method of disbanding the institutions He established (schools, hospitals, etc.) when they were flourishing. Baba once explained that, worthy as such endeavors might be, they were only scaffoldings for His inner spiritual work which is the Avatar's perennial mission of awakening people's hearts to the reality of God's love.

To this end, Meher Baba traveled extensively throughout India (and what is now Pakistan) and gave His personal touch to the hundreds of thousands who flocked to Him during public darshan programs. Baba also went to considerable lengths to contact His "beloved children," the masts (those whose minds have become over-powered by their love for God), to comfort them, to answer the yearning cries of their hearts and to give them a spiritual push in their journey to God. This seems to have been a phase of work that was unique to this Avataric Advent.



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