The Avatar awakens contemporary humanity to a realization of its true spiritual nature . . . . For posterity is left the stimulating power of His divinely human example – of the nobility of a life supremely lived, of a love unmixed with desire, of a power unused except for others, of a peace untroubled by ambition, of a knowledge undimmed by illusion . . . ..

I bring the greatest treasure it is possible for man to receive – a treasure that includes all other treasures, that will endure forever, that increases when shared with others. Be ready to receive it.

The Avataric period is the "springtide" of Creation. The Avatar has come and has given His clarion call. Let us harken to it. This will awaken love within us to help us lead a life with clarity of thought, honesty in action and purity of heart.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!
                                                                                                            Bal Natu

Baba 10

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