unveiling the burleson house
by irma sheppard

We enter, examine the house room by room,
hall, closet and cellar, upstairs
and down, as if it were a newborn--
in wonder and delight we discover
the grace in each fingernail and toe.

Baba is our constant Companion
in the eye of each smile,
in the sweetness of our greetings,
in the rose on the teacup,
in the heart of every song.

His all-seeing eyes follow us
from His photographs on the walls.
He blesses our pilgrimage,
our tea and cookies, songs and stories,
our quiet sitting, the humming in our veins.

Under His gracious gaze we meet long lost kin.
All my relatives, we say.
All my children, He says.
How happy I am you are here, He says.
How happy we are that You are here, we say.

Here, we are the American Dream Family
gathered whole again, indivisible
in the American Dream Home--
Meher Baba dreaming us
into the Reality of His Love.


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