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by susan paul

Chosen long before, for His plan,
A springtime ride along The Trail of Tears,
One family from America's heartland,
One precious bloom from His garden,
Each petal uniquely fragrant, anchored at its' base
By Dr. Ned Burleson, embodiment of America's best;
Right purpose, discipline, dedication and courage,
Nurtured, through marriage, by blood of the Cherokee.

"So much blood!"
So much blood was spilled upon that ground.
Gross exchange with the Cherokee nation.
Sealing wax on His pledge to America.

Each served the Ancient One as only they could,
And many Mays have passed.
As three awaken to childhood's sacrament,
New generations join an expansive bouquet,
Offering itself, at His feet.

Asheville, N.C.
June 2005

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